CoolerMaster MasterAccessory RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

So, it seems in the gaming world there are two types of people…..Those who love RGB and cannot get enough of it, and….. well the others. I am of the former, and am happy to RGB just about anything that will allow Me to, provided I have the ports to […]

JBL Charge 3 Speaker

So is anyone else out there sick of computer speakers with their copious amounts of cables, needing to be connected to each other and then the computer, taking up space, power points and inputs on your computer? I was. I just wanted some desk space back, something that worked without […]

Coolermaster MasterKeys MK750 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Having been a user of the Membrane type of keyboards since I started using computers (age about 6), it was an amazing moment to be given the absolutely brilliant MK750 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Coolermaster to try out and review. First impressions matter with keyboards because the market is flooded […]

Internet Woes

Technology is everywhere these days built into our everyday lives, in fact there isn’t much about the future that doesn’t incorporate some form of advanced technology, from mobile devices to home PCs and gaming consoles, for personal use and business, it IS the way of the future. Even the elderly […]