JBL T110BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones

So you made a promise to yourself way back when the Year was brand new that you would exercise more…BUT unfortunately you didn’t have the right headset to be able to walk and listen to your music, or use your phone, which made it literally impossible to be able to […]

The C64 Mini

  So anyone old enough to remember the days of playing games stored on a cassette will probably be quite interested in this plug and play version of an old classic games console. Gaming, where actual skill is what won you the game and if you died you really did […]

Smörgasbord hjemhub

Today’s lifestyle brings with it the dramas of charging! Every electronic gadget we have now requires charging, and all of our gadgets seem to be flat at the same time…Am I right?     Homes everywhere struggle with the spaghetti junction of cords, adapters and having enough power-points for them […]

CoolerMaster MasterMouse MM530

  This review focuses on the CoolerMaster MasterMouse MM530, a scion of the CoolerMaster Storm Mizar. Actually the MM530  is extremely similar to the Mizar in appearance. But as we are about to find out, appearances can be deceiving!     MM530 Specifications:  Product  Name: MasterMouse MM530 Product Model: SGM-4007-KLLW1 […]