JBL Endurance Run

So if anyone knows how to release a new product its JBL.

Recently they released a new range of headphones called Endurance & Reflect and yes, they could’ve just stacked the shelves of their retailers with all these glorious headphones, because lets face it the JBL name will sell these products, but why be predictable?

That is simply not JBLs style at all! Instead they hosted an event call the Weekend Warrior, and THIS was how they released their new products!

JBL® announces Weekend Warrior Challenge, in celebration of their new sport and lifestyle headphone range, Endurance and Reflect.

The unique fitness event will be led by Shannon Dooley (Retrosweat), Hayden Quinn (The Cube Gym), Nathan McCallum (Milestone Strength) and Mary Hoang (The Indigo Project), followed by an after-party with Tigerlily. 

JBL were kind enough to provide us with some images of the event, so that you can see how it went. Looks like it was a huge success to me!





As part of the release of these new headsets, we promoted the JBL Weekend Warrior event, and showcased the Endurance and Reflect products for our viewers on our Social Media pages. As you can see from the image we created below, there are some great Headsets in the range.



JBL kindly sent us a pair of  JBL Endurance Run. And that is what we are going to focus this review on.

So lets get on with it, because I am keen to show you an item from this new range!


So here it is. As always, absolutely PREMIUM packaging, with a magnetic Side closure. Great new graphic design, with touches of the well known JBL orange.


And now we get to see… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

  • Headphones
  • 3 sizes of ear tips
  • 1 x Enhancer
  • 1 x Warranty / Warning
  • 1 x Safety Sheet / QSG

And as usual, here is the link to the SPEC SHEET.

So wired headset huh? At a time when every company and every consumer out there is looking for the next best bluetooth headset which eliminates wires, why would JBL focus on bringing out wired headphones? Why? because we NEED them to! this part of the market has been swamped with cheap, poorly sounding headphones which lets face it, none of us like. Some people just prefer wired headsets, and for those people, JBL truly has your back here.

With the elimination of the wireless mode, the weight is really reduced, as there does not need to be a battery in the earbuds. SO once again, we have a FANTASTIC sounding headset, which weighs almost nothing! If your jogging this IS important. For one thing, the weight of the wireless ones can actually bounce them out of your ear, and second, well there is simply NO charging. Unless your device goes flat, these headphones will last for your entire run,jog, stroll, hike, wander….whatever it is you enjoy!

The Endurance Run look like a regular set of Headphones, but the uniqueness is in the bud. it has a contoured design which is different, and if you look closely, each earbud is marked as both “Left” AND “Right” huh? does that make sense? well actually it does!


You see JBL have very cleverly invented something they call Fliphook™. A system by which you can use the earbuds as normal, cord aiming straight down from the front of your ear, or you can reverse the earbuds, and hook them over, so the cord goes behind your ear. It is simply a personal choice on which way you prefer to wear them. This clip from JBL will explain it better than I can:



With the 3 different sized ear tips, these headphones are designed to fit in any ear. A catch phrase used with the new range of headphones is “Never hurt, Never fall out” this is achieved by the FlexSoft™  and the TwistLock™ Technologies JBL has used in their creation. This combined with the unique Fliphook™ design, will ensure they stay put!

So we know HOW to wear them, so how do we USE them?

As technology becomes more advanced it often becomes harder to use. These earbuds have pared everything back to basics, which some will agree is VERY welcome. you will notice there is 1 button on the in cord remote. This is so you can take hands free calls. THATS IT! (oh well if you long press you can activate your siri, or google assist, but yes, thats it.) There is a single microphone hole in the same remote.


So simplifying the remote is one thing, but that microphone…How well does it work? Well My brother has these headphones, and he very kindly made a recording of the sound the microphone produces for us, and I must say…I am impressed. Plus I asked him to record outside (you can hear the wind in the earlier part of the recording, but it doesn’t reduce the sound quality a bit!) so I think the microphone passed the test with flying colours.

Click the audio clip below to hear the quality:



One thing we all have to keep in mind now is that some smartphones are coming out without headphone jacks, so you may need an adapter to plug these headphones into (most still come with the phones for now)..but just something to consider.

Sound. So to be honest there were absolutely no surprises here. Its JBL. They have great sound! The bass was nice, although maybe some would feel it could be deeper. I don’t think there is too much you can fault though, the overall sound quality was great. For wired headsets in this price range, I wouldn’t pass them up!

Other features:

The earbuds are magnetic. Now this is a nice touch, as you can have them magnetised together around your neck, or through a belt loop and they are not getting all crazy and knotted up! (and your not losing them either..best bit)


Next feature which is also very important is that the Endurance Run headset is also rated at IPX5, which means they are sweat/light rain proof. So no matter how intense the workout gets, or what the weather condition is like, your headset is safe.

General Specifications:

Driver size: 8.2mm Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

The headset can be purchased directly from JBL here.

Cost at time of publishing is $29.95 AUD.


  • JBL quality
  • FANTASTIC sound
  • Magnetic earpieces
  • great price
  • No battery to go flat
  • nice simple design
  • New Fliphook™ deign
  • 3 different ear tips for a custom fit
  • IPX5 rated.
  • lightweight
  • comfortable in ear shape


  • Maybe if your phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack this would be a problem.


Would we recommend these Earphones? Absolutely!