Update: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Snow 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

This is the first time we have had to write an update review. But there are some pretty substantial issues to discuss.

Here is the link to our original review of this headset: Click here.

So sometimes it is a real advantage to OWN the products you review, and not just get them on a short-term basis from a company to review. I witnessed this advantage first hand when my up until now fantastic Logitech headset stopped being “Fantastic”.


So this is what I was getting. Not a big deal right? just turn them on. It WAS a big deal, because this is when they were on……and being used! The headset would randomly turn off. sometimes 1 minute in, sometimes 10 minutes in. Totally random, and FULLY annoying.

So the checklist started…..

  • Battery…is it dead? no..fully charged.
  • Software update?….updated to the latest version
  • Is it just because it is being used wirelessly?..plugged it in (which I shouldn’t have to do, since they ARE a wireless headset) but done..still turned off randomly, even though it was plugged in.
  •  Checked online for options…SO MANY posts about the same issue! Here were the suggestions, check the Logitech website for info. So I did that.

The first thing they recommend is a hardware reset:

SO I did that. No change.

The second thing they recommend was a Firmware update, which was supposed to be done through the Windows Command Prompt. This does not work with Windows 10, and produces an error message when it is tried.

So failing all of that, and generally being annoyed that my headset was simply not working as it should, I returned it to the shop I got it from.

I was quite shocked to hear from the salesperson that they had only ever had problems with the WHITE version of this headset. They had never had a black headset returned. In fact, he said one particular customer had bought 4 headsets, 2 white, 2 black. The white ones were returned with this exact issue within a month.


So I was really disappointed that my headset was simply no good, as I had mostly enjoyed using it. But since we are looking at it in a different light now, I may as well mention the other issues I had with it over time. This is where the advantage of continued use comes to play.

Using this headset with an Xbox One S was useless. My team mates couldn’t even hear me. Was great if I was playing solo and didn’t need to use the microphone, but otherwise I would just switch to my trusty Astro A40s.

I have relatively small ears, and found that if I wore this headset for longer than about 40 minutes I would get “hot-spots” under my ears from them, which was very uncomfortable, but I acknowledge this would not worry everyone.

So with all of this considered, I would probably NOT recommend this headset now. There is always the chance that there was a “bad batch” but I can only go by personal experience using this headset.

I would no longer recommend this particular headset.