Smörgasbord hjemhub

Today’s lifestyle brings with it the dramas of charging! Every electronic gadget we have now requires charging, and all of our gadgets seem to be flat at the same time…Am I right?



Homes everywhere struggle with the spaghetti junction of cords, adapters and having enough power-points for them all to plug into.

Today  we are reviewing a product which will try to eliminate this problem from our tech-heavy lifestyle. The Smörgasbord hjemhub, a usb power hub which will charge any and all of your devices in JUST ONE SPOT!..(yes really!)



The model we are reviewing is the Hjemhub (home hub).

The box includes:

  •  bamboo base and holder
  • Fast charging hub
  • AC power plug
  • 6 ties
  • 4 acrylic dividers/stands


The base is a high quality sustainable bamboo box with a lid. It has a indentation in the bottom of the inside of the box,  which perfectly fits the charging hub so that it doesn’t move around.

When the lid is on, there are 6 small holes in the sides for the charging cables to come out. The lid has 4 slots which hold the acrylic  dividers and there is also a felt lined tray at the front for your smaller items.

The size of this bamboo box is 22cm long by 16cm deep.



The fast charging hub contains 5 usb ports. and provides 7.8A of total charging output across these 5 ports. It features intelligent power allocation, where it gives the more demanding devices the power level they require.

The AC power cord is detachable from the hub, and features a certified Australian power connector.

There are four acrylic dividers, all of them different shapes. they can be put in any order into the slots, depending on the types of devices you have. the higher ones adequately hold a 10 inch tablet, and does so very securely. The front velvet lined opening can also be used to prop up smaller phones, or even charge items such as smart watches. or digital drawing pens.

The velcro cable ties are fantastic, making tidying away those cables inside the wooden box very easy.



So all of your devices can be charged in the space of a small notebook. An awesome concept when compared with the alternative, because if your house is anything like our house, we have to go room to room looking for a free power point, resulting in devices being randomly charged in just about every room.



So after setting up our Smörgasbord hjemhub we put a 10 inch tablet, 2 smartphones and an e-reader on it to charge. They all sat nicely, no issues at all with it feeling as though anything would fall off, and the best bit…everything charged perfectly, not the slow trickle we imagined it would be. And once done, the cords pop back in the box (or you can leave them out ready) and you just have to switch off one power-point!

More information, and ordering can be found here but there are other sellers also, such as this one, which is where we found our product quite a bit cheaper.


Online it retails at $149 AUD (correct at time of publishing)

However we found it cheaper, selling for $99 AUD

I would definitely recommend this product for the $99 price tag, but consider it over priced at $149.


ALl in all this is a product for those of us who like some tidiness and order, some people would have no interest in such a product. But it is Tech, and it is something we have found to be really useful, so for us its a win!