CoolerMaster MasterAccessory RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

So, it seems in the gaming world there are two types of people…..Those who love RGB and cannot get enough of it, and….. well the others. I am of the former, and am happy to RGB just about anything that will allow Me to, provided I have the ports to support it! Clearly CoolerMaster are targeting their latest mouse pad to Me, and people like Me who can appreciate this amount of colour bling.


Introducing the CoolerMaster MasterAccessory RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad:



  • Product Number: MPA-MP720
  • Product Name: MasterAccessory – RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad
  • Material: Bracket – Aluminum, Mat – Silicone, Top – Steel
  • Thickness: Surface  2 mm, Bracket 11.53 mm
  • Surface Color: Black
  • Base Color: Black
  • Size: 350 x 264 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 808g
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Warranty: 2 Years

So lets look first of all at the highlight of the show, and that would be the RGB. Because lets face it, the RGB is what puts this mouse pad in a totally separate league to your cloth type, no RGB (yawn) mouse pads. The CoolerMaster RGB mouse pad features a 16.7 million color RGB capability, with nine RGB light presets and animations. These can be changed on-the-fly using the fingerprint sensor button at the top of the mouse pad near the cord.


The above photos were taking during the day, and you can see how fantastically clear the colours are. The lighting effect is really top quality on this Mouse pad. At only 2mm thick, I am truly surprised at the depth of colours being produced from the edge of theis mouse pad.



The RGB Illumination is on the Cooler Master Logo and seamlessly on all the sides. The modes are:

• M1:Cyclic spectrum (default mode)
• M2:Red
• M3:Pink
• M4:Blue
• M5:Cyan
• M6:Green
• M7:Orange
• M8:Rainbow wave
• M9:Color cycle


The next most noticeable element of this Mouse pad is the surface. At first I assumed it was a type of plastic, but on reading I discovered it has a low friction coated steel surface, which is optimised for use with optical and laser mouse sensors. This offers peak performance for the use of a high quality gaming mouse, such as the CoolerMaster MasterMouse MM530, as it is specially designed and callibrated for use with such a mouse. The surface of the mouse pad can be seen below. It has a uniquely textured appearance which provides flawless movement when using a mouse.



Since this is a hard mouse pad, and it is designed for gaming, the next problem needing to be considered would be slippage. The last thing you want when you are mid game is for the mouse pad to slip from under you. CoolerMaster has this covered! there are five large rubber pads located on the bottom of the mouse pad which will eliminate slippage and maximise your grip.


​ At the top of the mouse pad, there is a metal bracket. This is to protect the cable connection between PC and mouse Pad, and ensures the cable will not easily become detached. The Mouse Pad cable is a 1.6 m braided cable with a gold plated USB connector.


While reviewing the Coolermaster MasterMouse MM530, I noted that one complaint I had was with the rubber cord. I personally prefer a braided cord on a gaming mouse. However, when used in conjunction with the MasterAccessory Mouse Pad, I feel that a rubber cord is in fact a good choice. The aluminium bracket at the top of the Mouse Pad is not sharp, however, a braided cord may be able to catch on it. Maybe this was CoolerMasters plan when designing the MM530.

So how does the MasterAccessory RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad stack up when combined with the CoolerMaster MasterMouse MM530?

They are a truly winning combination!


The MM530 glides perfectly over the precision surface of the MasterAccessory Mouse Pad, although the hard surface sound may cause annoyance to some, particularly if the traditional cloth type mouse pads are what you are used to. As I thought, there was no issue with the mouse cord becoming snagged on the metal bracket at the top. During the time I used the mouse pad and the MM530, I had no slippage whatsoever from the mouse pad, so the rubberised feet were doing their job!


Thank you to our Friends and Sponsors at CoolerMaster for sending this Fantastic Mouse Pad for us to review!


Price: $39.00 AUD (price accurate at time of publishing)



THE RGB! The lights are strong colours, clear and defined.

build quality is fantastic.

the touch sensor to change the lighting on-the-fly

good quality braided cord.

Rubberised feet to prevent slippage

precision surface for optimised gaming control.



The sound produced when moving your mouse over the surface.

The fact that you need a USB input for your mouse pad.


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