Internet Woes

Technology is everywhere these days built into our everyday lives, in fact there isn’t much about the future that doesn’t incorporate some form of advanced technology, from mobile devices to home PCs and gaming consoles, for personal use and business, it IS the way of the future. Even the elderly community seem to be doing rather well at learning these new skills.

One thing  most Australians battle with at the moment seems to be congested internet, that part of the day, usually the afternoons, when everything becomes so slow you can’t even open a web browser, let alone play an online game, pay online bills, or use skype to call loved ones from afar.

My household signed up for NBN in March 2017, we were so excited we were going to get these lightening fast speeds that would blow our PCs off the desk and make ADSL2+ a thing of the past, oh how wrong we were!

After hearing the not so wonderful news from the Government that we would in fact be receiving fibre to the node (FTTN) instead of the promised fibre to the premises (FTTP), I decided to do some research into what this all meant. Much to my disappointment, and let me tell you THAT was huge, I discovered we were going to be connected with half fibre optic cable and the other half to existing  copper cable that was decades old, through a cabinet that would be erected on the footpath. I could not fathom this logic of “this would be cheaper than to continue the existing fibre rollout”. See this article from the Sydney Morning Hearald on the costs of rolling out FTTP

To cut a very detailed and long story short, 4 months later we have signed up to 3 different RSPs (Residential Service Providers), we suffered from extremely slow speeds that were far worse than our ADSL2+ connection, signing up for the 25/5 plan which ranged from $65 per month for UNLIMITED, to $100 per month for 500GB. We purchased 5 different modems for VDSL, and were still getting the same results, including constant drop outs and congestion in peak times. We went through the agonizing process of doing tests, with instructions from our current RSP at the time and multiple tickets being lodged with NBN faults department. We had technicians come to the house to test our line, technicians in the pit out the front of our home. We even at one point had a NBN technician try to connect us unsuccessfully for a month. He was trying to connect the line to the house that wasn’t active! ho hum. I am sure a lot of us have had similar horror stories.

Fed up with paying top dollar and not getting a usable product, I then contacted the Telecommunications industry ombudsmen (TIO), and was released from 3 inadequate contracts. Now I had to  start looking again for an RSP that could provide stable, affordable, fast, reliable, NON congested internet.


I discovered, in the most unusual of places, on  FACEBOOK, an RSP that was getting quite a lot of attention from residential and business customers. This company was conducting some of  their customer service, new connections and 7 day free trails through facebook……. hold on a minute here, WHAT?

After a few discussions with the CEO I learned that to my disappointment they were only doing residential connections for FTTP. my bubble had been burst, big time…….

I decided to use my power of persuasion and ask (NAG) was it possible to get a connection with them for FTTN, the answer was YES, we can give it a try, I was to be the FTTN poster child for this company called LAUNTEL.

keeping in mind here, in peak times our speeds were supposed to be 50/40 on our old plan with our last RSP and we were lucky to get 6-25mbps in peak times.


I dove in head first and signed up for the 7 day FREE trial, I had nothing to lose really! On day 1 I did a speedtest to find that we were getting 96Mbps! WOW, WHOA, will this be the speed we get ALL the time?……..I was keen to wait for that horrible time of the day when half of  Tasmania got home from school and work to watch Netflix, the bandwidth sucker. I was amazed at the result, we still got a solid 96Mbps and on a copper connection, this is incredible. However,  I was skeptical as a lot of us know from past experience, some Telco’s can’t be trusted.

Day 2 we were still going strong  and jumping ahead 2 months later, nothing has changed. I thought to myself “I have hit the jackpot with this company”. I wanted to research this company to see how they operated and find out why Launtel could do amazing things, but other RSP’s could not.

It was a huge relief to finally have fantastic internet, especially when doing Uni assignments and anticipating a drop out just as one is about to hit that submit assessment button.

I did some research while I was on the 7 day FREE trial and asked lots of questions.  Launtel were extremely accommodating and patient with me,  walking me through how it all worked. This system operates on a no contract basis, you simply log into your account and top up a selected amount and select a speed tailored to your needs.  Within 2 minutes, YES i kid you not, for me it was 2 mins, you are connected. Within 20 minutes you can be enjoying your fast, stable internet.  If you go away on holidays, you can disconnect for free and reconnect once you get home. all this is done with NO fees.

Lets talk about customer service. Launtel have the BEST customer service I have ever come across. Over the phone, on Facebook messenger, on Facebook with the Launtel  users group and via email,  it is nothing short of excellent. The staff are extremely friendly, polite and understanding. They go out of their way to get issues, if there are any, sorted quickly and they keep customers up to date with NBN outages or mishaps. This is customer focused and tailored service, BRILLIANCE! exactly what customers want.

Launtel are an RSP that are revolutionizing the internet from 1000mbps/ 400mbps ( That’s 10x faster than the national maximum)  plans to residential 25/5 and up. I can assure you from personal experience that this Telco is SO different from any others operating in Australia. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for peace of mind with their internet for residential and business solutions. I won’t ramble on with my praises anymore, you get the idea! Take a look for yourself and sign up for the 7 day free trial below. At present this is only available to Tasmanian residents.