Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Coffee pod machines were first invented by Nespresso, aided by the pod designer Luiggi Bezzera in 1986.
When they first came out, there were just four different types of coffee to choose from. How things have changed!

The latest invention from Nespresso is the Vertuo Plus.

Pretty much every aspect of the older style machines has been remastered to produce a High-tech machine which will make brewing that perfect coffee so much easier than before.
The water tank has been redesigned to be a much larger capacity, so there is less filling up required, and the moveable base means that it will fit in perfectly with your environment, being able to be positioned left, right or centre, with the cord designed to be fitted underneath each position perfectly so that it is not in the way.

The older machines were a tad tiresome in that the cup size was quite restrictive, meaning you had to have a specific cup for your machine. Now the moveable cup shelf allows for the tiniest of espresso cups to the all-important insulated travel cup. Allowing us to take our favourite brew with us on our travels.
The four sizes which can be made are espresso (40ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml) and Alto (414ml).

Then there are the pods.

If you are used to the older style Nespresso machines, then the pods will be a bit of a shock. They have changed….a lot.
The original Nespresso pods were designed to produce smaller espresso and lungos, but the new pods are semi-circular, and come in 3 different sizes, depending on the size coffee you wish to make.
They are still the beautiful colours which have become a trademark of Nespresso, but they include a barcode under the lip. This could be easily disregarded, but I believe it is the single biggest improvement and innovation of the whole machine.
This barcode tells the machine so many things about the humble pod it is attached to. Including the volume and flow speed of the water into the pod, the temperature the water needs to be, the amount of infusion time and the rotation of the pod.

And the most incredible part of the barcode system? It is fully re-programmable! So, you make a coffee and think to yourself “that would have been better with more water, it was a bit strong” You simply hold the button next time you make a coffee with that type of pod until the desired amount of water has been reached, then stop.
Next time you use this type of pod the machine will automatically make it to your requirements.


There is no milk frother with the Vertuo plus, and this is the next best improvement to the machine.
Instead, it employs the use of Centrifusion ™ Technology. This is new technology, where centrifugal rotation of up to 7000 rpms is combined with water infusion to create the perfect coffee.
If you add a small amount of milk to the cup prior to beginning the brewing process it creates the smoothest creamy coffee you could desire. This is known as a reverso.
For those who like black coffee, or who are not looking for such a milky drink, the crema created by the Vertuo plus is sure to amaze, it is a thick and creamy microfoam and is perfect every time.

The heat up time has been drastically reduced, as the machine only heats the amount of water needed for the pod you select, so 20-25 seconds and it is ready to go!

The controls are simple, just one button performs all of the functions, and a touch sensitive bar opens and closes the lid, which also activates the wire “arms” to pull the used pod into the rear of the machine into a collection cannister.

Cost: $299 AUD


• Removable water tank: 1.8L
• Cable length: 74 centimetres
• Used capsule container capacity: approx. 10
• Weight: 4.58 Kilograms
• Power supply: 230v /50 Hz / 3500 W


• Small design which can be altered to fit your space
• Larger water tank
• New design pods allowing for greater flexibility of types and sizes of coffee
• Programmable capsule types
• Simple one button functionality
• Fantastic tasting coffee
• New technology producing a higher quality better tasting coffee and less messy capsules
• Quick heating time, café quality coffee ready in under 1 minute



• No ability to change the temperature of the water for someone who likes particularly hot coffee
• Older style pods are not compatible
• Pods generate a lot of waste


On the Cons: The water temperature is not burn your mouth degrees, but it IS perfectly matched to the type and size of coffee, as it is recommended to be consumed at.
If you have THIS coffee machine, why would you need the older style pods to fit it anyway?
Nespresso recognises the need for recycling of the aluminium pods, and have a very active recycling programme, where pods can be collected into bags and either dropped off at Nespresso shops, or mailed back to Nespresso. These bags can be found here.


Would I recommend the Nespresso Vertuo plus? Absolutely. 10/10. Nice coffee, easy to make, fast preparation time, little to no mess.




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