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Gaming headsets are a personal preference, I have tried so many different brands and styles over the past year and a half that I almost have enough pairs to start my own shop.

After much research I finally found a headset that was right for me and let me tell you they are simply brilliant.

While some may gasp at the price tag of the Sennheiser Game Zero, I can fully understand why it is in the higher end price bracket of $289+ AUD.

It’s German engineered technology has encompassed an extremely accurate reproduction of gaming audio regardless of game type you are playing.

Comfort and style for me was 100% on point, with the memory foam ear cups to close out any gaps under the ears, this makes for the quietest gaming headset I have used to date.

Not to mention those in my household appreciated not being able to hear any of the game play that I had blasting through these amazing cans.

Side view

The pro microphone provides high-end noise cancellation and crystal-clear clarity when chatting to other gamers.

Cleverly designed on the right ear external is the volume dial, which can be found without having to fumble and search on the cable like some other headsets on the market.

Another huge plus for the Game Zero is the multi-platform compatibility such as PC, MAC, CONSOLES, MOBILES and TABLETS that sport a 3.5 mm jack.

Portability has been well thought out in the design with a sturdy poly cotton covered hard case that the headset can be fully collapsed and stowed away into safely, great for those trips to LAN parties or other functions.

The fact that the Game Zero comes with a 2-year warranty speaks volumes.One thing I would like to mention is that i also purchased separately a USB sound card to connect the Game Zero to hoping to avoid any case interference, although this is an optional accessory, I found that it enhanced the deep tones and bass very nicely.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that I personally find the Sennheiser Game Zero headset is worth every cent, extremely high quality, well manufactured and produces brilliant sound.

Carry Case


VERY comfortable
sound great even at high volume
great mic
volume control on ear cup


a little on the expensive side.



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