Up until now, the best option for a streaming device for your TV has really been a console, because we have all struggled with the apps on a smart tv, and know the frustration of this. Consoles have just been the simpler answer to getting the smart TV type functions […]

JBL Endurance Run

So if anyone knows how to release a new product its JBL. Recently they released a new range of headphones called Endurance & Reflect and yes, they could’ve just stacked the shelves of their retailers with all these glorious headphones, because lets face it the JBL name will sell these […]


  This is our latest product from JBL. The JBL Go 2, Successor of the JBL GO. Portable speakers really are having a moment right now, and JBL has not disappointed, releasing both the GO 2 and the Clip 3 at the same time recently. But are they improvements on […]

Cooler Master Masterbox Q300P

Our Sponsors at Cooler Master sent us the latest in their Mini tower range to review: The Cooler Master Masterbox Q300P.   This small case packs some pretty amazing features. Smaller cases really are making a comeback, but dont be deceived by size, the Q300P is capable of holding all […]