JBL Soundgear BTA

So…Bluetooth. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has heard of it, and probably used it. Bluetooth headphones are great for music if you don’t want to annoy those around you, or your out and about. But what if your sitting at home and just want to watch a movie? There […]


Up until now, the best option for a streaming device for your TV has really been a console, because we have all struggled with the apps on a smart tv, and know the frustration of this. Consoles have just been the simpler answer to getting the smart TV type functions […]

JBL Endurance Run

So if anyone knows how to release a new product its JBL. Recently they released a new range of headphones called Endurance & Reflect and yes, they could’ve just stacked the shelves of their retailers with all these glorious headphones, because lets face it the JBL name will sell these […]


  This is our latest product from JBL. The JBL Go 2, Successor of the JBL GO. Portable speakers really are having a moment right now, and JBL has not disappointed, releasing both the GO 2 and the Clip 3 at the same time recently. But are they improvements on […]